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Superior Medical Scribes is a boutique provider of specialized scribe services for the healthcare industry, ranging from emergency medicine to inpatient services and specialties, including Family Medicine, Orthopedics, Interventional Radiology, and more. Our aim is to improve the quality of patient care by assisting clinicians with the increased electronic medical record (EMR) demands. In doing so, we also hope to improve our client's practice as well as overall quality of life.

Our Mission

In identifying that medical providers are struggling to provide efficient quality care due to the increasing demands of accurate and detailed EMR (electronic medical record) documentation, Superior Medical Scribes was founded to bridge the provider-patient gap and alleviate the burden of medical data collection and data entry into the EMR. As a result, providers experience increased documentation efficiency and accuracy, improved operational workflow, and increased face-to-face time with patients, yielding increased patient and provider satisfaction. 

Our Values

Innovation: Acknowledging the weaknesses and underutilized facets of our industry, our team maintains gradual growth and improvement through the integration of innovation as one of our core processes. 

Accountability: At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. Every member of our team maintains an unfaltering dedication to be accountable for their work while producing the desired results. 

Quality: Through continuous learning and improvement, we ensure the highest quality of detail-oriented scribes and service excellency are provided to our clients and patients. 

Leadership: In fostering unwavering trust and efficient collaboration, we develop scribe leaders who share the company's passion and vision and are focused on superior service. 

Tenacity: Determined in our pursuit of innovation and efficiency to deliver superb execution, outstanding customer service and desirable outcomes. 

Our Mission & Values

Meet The Team

Ryan Tong

CEO & Founder

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Superior Medical Scribes Founder, Ryan Tong, graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. Upon graduation, he worked as a medical scribe and was quickly promoted to Scribe Manager, heading the scribe training and development team. While working closely with both medical providers and medical scribes, Ryan identified the increasing demands of EMR documentation and the need for more qualified scribes. Medical providers were spending too many long and arduous hours to complete patient charts, hindering their focus on the provider-patient relationship and overall quality of patient charts. 

With a vision of bridging the provider-patient gap to improve the quality of patient care, Superior Medical Scribes was founded as a solution designed to integrate seamlessly into the provider's practice to relieve the burdens and nuisances of EMR documentation. Ryan also founded Superior Medical Scribes as a way to improve on the existing and dynamic industry of scribe companies, and that is to offer a more direct and personal approach in our service to medical providers, allowing us to supply and tailor the highest quality of service to fit our clients' needs. Additionally, as a company that is founded and run by scribes, we are committed to train and develop scribes with the skills and experiences necessary for the growth of their career and education.


At Superior Medical Scribes, we strive to be the best in our industry. We do things right in how we maintain relations with partner-clients; how we take responsibility and approach any problems that arise; and how we teach, mentor, and support our team. We will be relentless in making our service better, more relevant, more efficient, and more personal. 

Jessica Vu

Chief Operating Officer

Trang Cao

HR Director

Diego Romero 

Business Development

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