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Versatility in Our Industry

While scribe programs were first developed to be primarily utilized for fast-paced clinical settings like an emergency room, Superior Medical Scribes has identified multiple areas in all fields of medicine that can benefit from an innovative use of scribes. By incorporating our services into their daily rounds, providers will experience numerous benefits.

Emergency Medicine Services

In a fast-paced clinical setting like an emergency department, medical providers have more urgent demands than completing patients' electronic medical records (EMR). In investing their energy and attention towards life-saving decisions and procedures, providers are forced to either use generic templates to populate a patient's chart or finish charts in their personal time. The incorporation of an inexpensive Superior Scribe Program will help eliminate the burden of documenting the bulk of a patient's medical record. With a highly-trained Superior Scribe, providers will benefit from efficient real-time documentation with complete, detailed, and customized patient charts. As a result, providers will experience decreased door-to-doctor time, increased provider-patient interaction time, and equally important, providers regain a sense of their life at home. 

Inpatient Services

Emergency medicine is not the only field of medicine that benefits from a scribe program. Superior Medical Scribes (SMS) has identified numerous reasons that support the implementation of inpatient scribe utilization. Because of the workflow difference between an emergency department and inpatient services, SMS understands that an entirely different scribe program tailored to the specific needs of a hospitalist would need to be devised. Due to the increasing medical-legal, financial, and patient-safety demands, hospitalists have been under increasing immense pressure for documentation needed during patient care. Compounding this problem has been the gradual decline in resident support in teaching hospitals due to the recent installation of patient caps and work-hour limits. 

With the integration of a highly-trained Superior Medical Scribe, hospitalists will experience improved productivity of data entry into the electronic medical record, expedited admission orders, more accurate documentation and avoidance of standard copy and paste practices or templates that are impermissible according to the Medicare Recovery Auditors. Not only will the provider-patient/family experience be improved but the hospitalist's lifestyle and work schedule will also see tremendous improvements with shifts ending on time, allotting more time to reconnect with family. 

Outpatient & Specialty Services

Outpatient physicians will find that the Superior Medical Scribes specialty-specific training is highly attractive because it is tailored to each specialty to identify any areas in the department that is lacking in efficiency. Additionally, our team is designed and proficiently trained to adequately capture physician reimbursement and ensure accurate perceived quality of care through proper documentation. Recruiting the best pre-health and recently graduated talents, our team is comprised of motivated individuals that will make a positive difference in your practice and your lifestyle. With a competitive wage and friendly, supportive work environment, Superior Medical Scribes aims to reduce the high turnover rate of scribes that is too often seen in other major scribe companies, maintaining the continuity of our service to physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. 

Consulting Services

At Superior Medical Scribes, we fully understand that there are clinicians who prefer to self-manage their scribe group. As a result, we offer our very own consulting service that is tailored to your specific needs.

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